About KHW

Welcome to Kingdom Heir Wear! Thank you for shopping with us. I am Andrea Ward, the founder; I encourage others through my experiences, and my experiences involve advancing through spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is not rhetoric. It is real, and we must accept this to engage in our battles effectively― to possess every promise God has spoken over our lives. I've learned the power of prayer and declaring God’s truth, and each KHW design holds significance to the declarations made during many victorious battles.
God rescued me to rescue others. And I want to help and encourage you along the way by sharing these prophetic announcements. As we wear and announce the Word of God, we strengthen our faith and the faith of others; we prophetically pronounce life and declare the LORD's faithfulness. KHW is a tool to evangelize, saving souls through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.
Lastly, a portion of all sale proceeds goes towards Women's Empowerment, Business, Economic Recovery, Leadership Development, and Health & Wellness ministry and initiatives in Africa, beginning in Uganda, Kenya, and neighboring countries.